CHAKO Zanzibar | Uplifted | Upcycled | CHAKO means "yours" in Swahili
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Empowering Women.

CHAKO focuses on making gender inequality less significant, by giving women the chance to develop their selves and to become more aware of their strengths and power.

By creating employment, educating, training, empowering and exposing the women, they become more self-aware and independent. We are encouraging women on Zanzibar to be creative, show their power and learn them to work in a professional environment.

By employing the women they receive a reliable monthly income which creates a more stable situation for their families and themselves.

Upcycled and Uplifted

CHAKO means ‘yours’ in Swahili, no better word to describe our products.

The tourism industry creates a lot of opportunities for Zanzibar and its people. At the same time it also creates waste. Waste is difficult to process on the island. Things like brochures, bottles or glass can easily be given a new life. This is exactly what we do at CHAKO!

All CHAKO products are locally made in our workshop, combining waste and local materials. This way we stimulate the Zanzibar community while offering you a nice souvenir to take home!

From the CHAKO Team